'Clown' Lindell and QAnon followers mocked with list of all the deadlines they claimed Trump would be reinstated
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

On Thursday, writing for Rolling Stone, columnist Ryan Bort compiled all of the times that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and the adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory forecast that Donald Trump would be "reinstated" and the 2020 presidential election nullified — all to no avail.

"Lindell is a clown and easy to mock. So is the idea that there is any sort of legal pathway for Trump, who lost to President Biden by a considerable margin, to be reinstated as president. But just because something is easy to mock doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken seriously," wrote Bort, noting that polls over the summer showed roughly one in four Republicans believed Trump would be returned to office this year. "In other words, millions and millions and millions of people have, like Lindell, lost touch with reality to a truly terrifying degree."

Among the deadlines compiled by the article: Jan. 20, when QAnon supporters believed Trump would reveal Biden's inauguration as fake; March 4, which was to be the secret "real Inauguration Day" when the original U.S. government would be restored; March 20, when nothing happened on March 4; Aug. 13, when Lindell said the Supreme Court would reinstate Trump; and finally Thanksgiving Day, which Lindell set as the new deadline after the August one didn't happen.

Ultimately, all that happened this week was that Lindell released the text of his unfinished filing at the court, which doesn't even list a plaintiff, and tried to accuse the Republican National Committee of conspiring to sabotage his effort.

"It's no longer going to happen by Thanksgiving, but it surely won't take Lindell long to come up with another date to tell supporters to expect Trump to return to office," concluded Bort. "Go ahead and tune into his livestream and find out. He may even offer a promo code for a Black Friday pillow deal."

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