Pence’s ‘stunning’ rebuke of Trump contrasts with congressional GOP’s continued subservience: ex-DOJ official

On CNN Thursday, former Justice Department official Harry Litman reacted to former Vice President Mike Pence's rebuke of his former running mate at a New Hampshire Republican function.

"For the former vice president, this is a pretty incredible thing to say, Harry," said anchor Erin Burnett. "He's talking about the dark day, he's talking about the violence. He's saying they did their duty."

"It really is," said Litman. "It is pretty stunning. And remember, as your previous interviewee so movingly said, there were people out there wanting to kill, to hang Pence because, in fact, he was doing what he was just boasting about, actually applying the law and reconvening the Congress. I don't think he's in criminal trouble, but I think it's a real indication that he's trying to distance himself. In this way, he stands in real contrast to Kevin McCarthy and others who know the truth but somehow are continuing to pretend."

Watch below:

Harry Litman says Pence's criticism of Trump contrasts with congressional GOP leadership