Pompeo tries to go after Biden by accusing his ex-advisor of anti-Semitism – and it blows up in his face

Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Adviser under the Obama administration, appeared on Jewish Currents Editor-at-large Peter Beinart's Occupied Thoughts podcast recently and took aim at Israel's right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him "corrupt and cruel" while leveling other criticisms of the conservative pro-Israel community.

Unsurprisingly, Rhodes' comments were criticized by some Jewish Groups. But in a tweet this Thursday, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that Rhodes' "corrupt and cruel" comment was aimed at "all Jews."

"Ben Rhodes told @J_Insider that @netanyahu — and all Jews — are 'corrupt and cruel.' While this view is taking root among some Democrats, does President Biden agree? I hope not," Pompeo wrote.

Pompeo's tweet sparked a huge wave of backlash, mostly from people accusing him of lying about what Rhodes said.

Rhodes himself slammed Pompeo, saying, "Outright and offensive lies and disinformation are at the center of the right wing authoritarian political project in this country today. They have to create an alternate world because they can't win debates or elections in the real one."

Others agreed.