Minneapolis planned to hire social media influencer to push city-approved messages during Chauvin trial: report

According to emails obtained by Axios, the city of Minneapolis planned to hire "social media influencers" to push messages approved by the city during the Derek Chauvin trial.

The plan was to pay six "trusted messengers" up to $2,000 each to share city updates and "dispel misinformation" during the trial. City officials wanted to hire a DJ at the Spanish-language radio station El Ray 94.9, the Snapchat account SomaliSnaps, and a soccer coach who is "connected to the young people [in the South Asian community] as well as a respectful young leader among the elders," among others.

After news reports about the plans sparked a wave of backlash, it was scrapped, according to Axios. The city claimed the plan's intention was to reach Black, Native American, East African, Hmong and Latino communities.

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