Drunk Missouri man impersonated cop to try to 'casually' release his friend from prison: report
Chad Michael Gosney (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office).

On Friday, the Riverfront Times reported that a Missouri man impersonated a police officer to try to "casually" release a friend from prison.

"There's acting like you belong, and then there's the act put on by Chad Michael Gosney, who is accused of trying to impersonate his way into obtaining an inmate's early release from the Jefferson County jail on Thursday," reported Danny Wicentowski. "Gosney, who is not a police officer, showed up the jail in Hilsboro and 'claimed to be an officer picking up an inmate,' the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said in a statement posted to Facebook. 'We let him in,' the statement continued, 'closed the door, and arrested him.'"

According to the report, Gosney was intoxicated while attempting to pull off his prison break.

"Gosney, now in jail on a $10,000 bond, faces a single charge of false impersonation, a misdemeanor," said the report. "However, while Gosney's plan involved freeing a specific inmate, the sheriff's office believes that Gosney acted on his own, writing in its Facebook post, 'We do not believe the inmate he was asking for was aware of the attempt to get him out.'"

This comes two weeks after an incident in Crawford County, Missouri in which an inmate escaped by pretending to be scheduled for release.