Following his appearance on MSNBC to talk about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios, former Republican National Committee chair Tim Miller took to the Bulwark to elaborate on how exactly the Republican leader justifies his actions.

Put simply, Miller explained that for McConnell, opportunistic expedience is always at the top of his list as long as it keeps him in power.

Sharing a clip of his appearance with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, Miller wrote: "I want to, if you don’t mind, try to step back and try to explain Mitch McConnell and maybe look at his February 13th remarks in a little bit of a different context," before adding, "Mitch McConnell does not try to balance—at all—the moral values that he may or may not have with what is politically expedient."

Pointing out that McConnell's Feb 13th condemnation of Trump over the Capitol riot was intended as a "signal to swing voters, to signal to the remaining Republicans with a conscience that this party is not all thrown in with the domestic terrorists," Miller said no one should be surprised that he is back in the Trump fold again.

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"In all of Republican Washington and many Republican voters, they live in this bubble where, in the post-Trump era, they don’t consider the morals anymore. They’ve decided that owning the libs is the most important thing, is the highest and best purpose," he wrote before noting McConnell's reaction to Swan calling putting him on the spot over how he can still support Trump if he runs for president again.

"You could just see it. You just see him shaking his head. He couldn’t, he honestly, almost couldn’t even understand Jonathan’s question. He was befuddled," Miller wrote. "Because for him, what is politically right is what is moral, and that was tested on Jan. 6th. He saw the deaths at the Capitol and he still said, meh, I don’t care."

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