Mitch McConnell inadvertently makes the Democratic case on filibuster reform in Kentucky op-ed

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's latest op-ed appears to give credibility to Democratic lawmakers' desire to end the filibuster — although he opposes them doing so.

In his op-ed, published by the Courier-Journal, McConnell explained why he actually favors the filibuster in his home state of Kentucky. The parliamentary plan of action, which is typically used to block or delay a proposed measure from advancing to the Senate floor for a vote, is one McConnell has often leaned on to stifle progress, especially where Democrat-backed bills are concerned.

But, in the state of Kentucky, the top-ranking Republican lawmaker appears to be on the other side of the fence. In a nutshell, McConnell admitted that he does support the use of the filibuster rule but there's a catch — only when it benefits him and his political agenda.

"Kentucky's veto is all that stands between us and a march toward socialism," McConnell wrote. "We must save the Senate firewall. Otherwise, the institution and our country would be thrown into chaos."

He accused Kentucky state Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) and other Democratic lawmakers of "failing to put principle first" in supporting an end to the filibuster.

"The 60-vote threshold is the only reason must-pass bills — like appropriations deals, defense authorizations, or farm bills — have any bipartisan buy-in when there isn't divided government," the Kentucky lawmaker wrote. "It's why, even with Democrats in the majority, I and therefore Kentucky get a big seat at the table. As the only congressional leader not from New York or California, I put Kentucky's priorities front and center. If Yarmuth had his way, Speaker Pelosi would have a free pass to leave Middle America out in the cold."

By admitting his stance on the filibuster, McConnell is actually justifying Democratic lawmakers' reasons for wanting to end the procedural rule. To read McConnell's full op-ed, click here.