Columnist hilariously mocks Trump for being able to game everything — except his Twitter ban
Sad Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

Writing for the Daily Beast on Wednesday, editor Molly Jong-Fast hilariously ridiculed former President Donald Trump for being brought to his knees with the ease of a social media ban.

Trump, who was suspended from Twitter and Facebook 12 days before his presidency ended, had a lot of options to communicate to the world. Jong-Fast noted he could have used the White House briefing room or stand outside on the lawn while a helicopter makes noise behind him. He never utilized the options and she believes that's because Trump was never about open communication or transparency, he was about trolling.

"Trump had an entire apparatus to communicate with the media, and he didn't use it. That's because Trump didn't use his Twitter account to communicate, he used it to bully people and to spread violent rhetoric," Jong-Fast wrote.

Trump tried to wiggle around the suspension, using campaign accounts or even the White House account, but they were all deleted by Twitter for violating their rule against "purposely evading a ban."

"But what none of us could predict was that without his Twitter, Trump would become so suddenly and overpoweringly, and one hopes irreversibly, impotent," she said.

It was reported earlier this week that Trump has been banished to a silent world where the only thing he can do is beg people to tweet things for him. It's something Jong-Fast calls "more pathetic, if that's possible."

She noted that it shows the power of social media in a digital age, but more, it shows the power of social media to Trump. It's the only medium that won't stop him from targeting people he doesn't like or spreading lies. Even cable news networks stopped carrying him live toward the end out of fear that they were contributing to the lies.

"Trump may have been able to find someone to take his SATs for him 50 years ago, but he couldn't find a way to game Twitter," she said.

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