Aislinn and son Seraphim

Appearing on CNN Sunday, grandpa William Hubbard revealed that his daughter has been stuck in Ukraine with her baby and her boyfriend during the invasion by Russia.

Hubbard's daughter, Aislinn, he said, is just 95 pounds if at all, and had to carry the baby on her back with a pack on her front over the hills and mountains of Ukraine to escape the war all because of an absurd bureaucracy.

Raw Story reported on a grandmother working on getting her mother, daughter and granddaughter out of Ukraine and to safety in Australia, but she too has faced a similar problem with bureaucracy in getting the granddaughter out.

In the case of Hubbard's daughter, because of COVID-19 and lockdowns, she was forced to have her baby at home. Because of that, the baby hasn't been able to get a birth certificate. Without a birth certificate, the baby couldn't leave Ukraine. So, the family hatched a plan to get her and the baby to safety, no matter what it took.

"I'm not worried about it because once we've reached the European Union they have protection, legal apparatus, and the strange thing was they produced documents for my daughter, grandson and for the boyfriend, in just a few hours that allows them to travel, stay within the European Union, and the U.S. government couldn't get anything done," said Hubbard. "The Ukrainians weren't going to get anything done. The thought of staying in Ukraine for two to six months with the war moving — that wasn't happening and we made the decision. She would hike over the mountains and I would run the gauntlet with the border police."

Ahead of the trip, Hubbard said that she'd do a "dry run" to prepare for what she would need and be ready with expectations.

He described their plan like something out of the "Sound of Music," where she would walk through the cold winter hills with steep inclines and declines. At one point, he said she fell about 20 feet because of the steepness and she lost her footing.

According to her dad, they were able to communicate using the app Find-a-Friend, which helps connect people with similar interests for platonic friendships when moving to a new city.

She made it and she and the baby and boyfriend are all safe. As Hubbard told ABC News, "that's what dads do."

They're trying to recoup costs and asking for help at GoFundMe.

See the interview below:

mother and baby escape ukraine hiking over mountains in the cold