Affluent family agrees to $18.85 million settlement after teen killed woman while speeding in his Lamborghini

The family of Monique Muñoz, who was killed when a teen ran a red light while driving a Lamborghini SUV in Los Angeles, has reached a settlement in the case, Fox11 reports.

"Today is a significant milestone because the Munoz family can finally get some closure for this horrific tragedy," said lead attorney Daniel Ghyczy after the settlement was reached Wednesday.

"The family faced numerous hurdles from both private insurance companies and the LA District Attorney’s office, and experienced the harsh realities of racism and bias against those from underserved communities," Ghyczy continued. "The family pleaded for the District Attorney to investigate this case and met with the office dozens of times to advocate for their family. It was never about money for the Munoz family, it was about the acknowledgment of Brendan Khuri’s misconduct that resulted in the death of their only daughter and to ensure that he was held accountable. Today’s settlement is a testament to their efforts and is a step closer to justice."

The suspect was identified as Brendan Khuri, who was 17 at the time of the crash. Last April, Khuri admitted to a charge of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. Last September, Khuri was sentenced to nine months in a juvenile detention center with four years of probation.

Watch Fox11's report on the story below:

Fatal Lamborghini crash: $19M settlement reached in death of Monique Munoz by teen