Texas sculptor creates 'Mount Trumpmore' monument -- and whines after former student trashes it

Donald Trump's face would be carved into the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota if one Texas man has his way.

The "New Tang Dynasty" (NTD) evening news interviewed Trace Guthrie, a sculptor who sells $250 clay sculptures of Trump in between Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln that he calls, "Mount Trumpmore."

Even though it has been reported that the former president was given at least $413 million from his father, Guthrie praised the former reality TV star as a man of the people.

"The guy is, they say, a billionaire, but he's got a blue collar on him. He actually gets out there with those construction people building his buildings, and he knows them," Guthrie argued.

Guthries complained, however, about the criticism he received for his statue from a former student who wrote him a message bashing the former president.

"She said, 'Trump has killed half a million people with COVID!'" he said. "And the only thing I'm wondering is, where did you get that."

More than 600,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. While Trump is not responsible for all of them, he repeatedly downplayed the pandemic by comparing it to the flu while also recommending unproven treatments for the disease such as hydroxychloroquine.

Trump also falsely told followers they had "nothing" to fear from the virus after he got out of the hospital after being treated for the disease last fall.