'You need to correct yourself': MSNBC viewers blast Andrea Mitchell repeatedly calling Trump 'the president'
MSNBC/screen grab

MSNBC viewers on Monday blasted host Andrea Mitchell after she repeatedly referred to Donald Trump as "the president."

During a segment about the future of the Republican Party, Mitchell used the phrase "the president" while introducing a video of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) praising Trump.

"Let's just play what Lindsey Graham had to say because that was the full embrace yesterday of the president," she said.

Following the clip, Mitchell continued: "The president is out on the golf course today. We've already seen him out on the golf course down there in Palm Beach."

Viewers reacted on Twitter by calling on Mitchell to correct herself.

"Heard just now on @MSNBC: the President is on the golf course," one viewer wrote. "NO. He's in the Oval Office doing his job. PLEASE stop referring to Trump as President. We worked really hard to make sure he wasn't anymore."

Watch the video and read the responses below.