'It was a missile strike': Trump fans go nuts claiming Nashville bomb was Chinese plot to steal election
Lin Wood speaks at "Stop the Steal" rally in Georgia (YouTube/screen grab)

Hundreds of followers of QAnon who support President Donald Trump claimed over the weekend that a Nashville suicide bombing was actually a military operation to steal the election.

The complicated theory began circulating soon after an RV exploded in downtown Nashville. The Trump followers believe that the explosion was actually a missile strike aimed at destroying Dominion voting machines that were allegedly being audited at an AT&T facility.

Lin Wood, an attorney who challenged Trump's loss, advanced the idea that there is a link between AT&T and Dominion Voting Systems.

Tariq Nasheed pointed out a connection between the owners of Dominion Voting Systems and the owners of the AT&T building.

Nasheed's tweet was quickly circulated by QAnon's followers.

By Monday, thousands of tweets and posts on Parler made wild claims about the bomb. Some believed that a U.S. military missile struck the building while others linked the bombing to China. Some conspiracy theorists suggested that the bombing suspect was already dead when the explosion occurred.

"As Q says, there are no coincidences," one QAnon broadcaster said. "This explosion has a lot to do with the electoral fraud crisis that we're in right now."

Read a sampling of the tweets below.