Slur-spewing man gives Hitler salute when confronted for flying Nazi flag at Oregon business center

According to KLCC, a man used racial slurs and gave Nazi salutes after being confronted for flying a swastika flag outside of a business center in Florence, Oregon.

The confrontation happened when a local resident, Patrick Meade, noticed the man putting up the Nazi flag in place of the American flag, which he had draped over his shoulder after taking it down first.

"'I asked him, ‘Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?’ And he replied, ‘I’m putting up a Nazi flag. You got a problem with Nazis?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah I do.’ And then he called me an N-word lover, and I got really mad,'" said Meade.

The report goes on to state that Meade then left the scene before then returning to take some photos before the police arrived. He returned to find the man making Nazi salutes while arguing with another person.

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The flag was taken down shortly afterward.

The man reportedly acted alone, without permission from the manager of the business center.

"No charges were pressed against the man. Florence Police say he’s acquainted with the building’s manager and owner. A Siuslaw News article quotes a center employee who described him as 'mentally ill' though no one else has verified this. The man has been told not to do it again," said the report. "A Florence PD information officer said when asked why he flew the controversial flag, the man said because he liked it and that the American flag he'd taken down had a rip in it."

This comes amid a number of other well-publicized incidents of hate symbols being found in public and common spaces around the country. In May, students at a Chicago-area suburban high school were disciplined after a Nazi flag was found in a bathroom.