Airline agents arrested for dumping passenger's carry-on medicine in the trash

A pair of gate agents at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport have been arrested, and two more are wanted, after an incident in which they were caught on camera throwing a passenger's carry-on luggage in the trash, according to WWL — reportedly including expensive medication and jewelry.

"Keyonne Brooks said he left his carry-on bag at the Spirit Airlines gate counter on February 19 as he was headed back to Los Angeles after attending his uncle's funeral in New Orleans. Brooks said he got into a disagreement with the gate agent over doing a gate check of his large suitcase," said the report. "'She said that I'd have to reschedule my flight instead of doing a gate check, and I knew that was not true because of my travels with my nonprofit,' Brooks said. He asked for a manager and paid an extra fee to take it on the plane, but he forgot his small carry on at the desk. He was told to file a lost and found report when he got home, but when his carry-on never showed up there, he requested the video from the airport."

The video showed the workers, some of whom Brooks had never interacted with, dumping out the luggage, including his medication, family heirloom jewelry, and his keys, all while laughing and taking pictures with their cell phones. "I still have not been able to watch the entire video, because it's just too gut wrenching for me," Brooks told WWL. "Knowing the medication I had in there is very expensive, very hard to get and I needed it. It's taken a lot out of me."

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Willie Stovall III, 31, and Ebone Baker, 22 are in custody, and two other gate employees, Antoinaija Beasley, 22, and Alshea Mitchell, 30, are being sought by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. They face charges of felony theft.

Spirit Airlines has publicly apologized for the incident, saying in a statement, "Spirit Airlines is committed to treating all Guests with respect and delivering high-quality service, and we will take appropriate action as necessary following the completion of the vendor's investigation. Spirit has already issued a refund for the flight on February 23, and the vendor is expediting the compensation for the items."

This comes after another incident last year in which another Spirit gate agent at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was suspended after video showed him getting into a physical fight with a passenger.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Video shows gate agents at Armstrong airport trashing contents of man's bag