Rashida Tlaib targeted by well-funded Dem PAC
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) speaking at the Council on American Islamic Relations. (Shutterstock.com)

A new PAC plans to spend up to $1 million to support one of the candidates trying to unseat progressive "Squad" member Rashida Tlaib, POLITICO reports.

The group, Urban Empowerment Action PAC, which is made up of a coalition of Black and Jewish business leaders and endorsed by former South Carolina congressman and current CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers, plans to back candidates who are “dedicated to the educational empowerment and economic uplift of Black communities" and its support of Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey is meant to boost “her campaign to restore infrastructure, improve educational opportunities in the district and support the Biden-Harris agenda in D.C.”

“We are hoping that we can have a candidate that doesn’t have varying distractions,” Sellers was quoted as saying.

Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, is known for being an outspoken critic of Israel and employs rhetoric that her critics say ventures into antisemitism. On May 15, she spoke at an anti-Israel rally where she railed against the "apartheid" Israeli government. Also speaking at the event was a pro-Hamas newspaper publisher Osama Siblani, who urged Palestinians to attack Israel.

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Tlaib shared the stage with Siblani, who said in his speech that Arabs should "fight within [their] means" against Israel, with "stones," "guns," or "their hands." He also praised the Islamic militants for "striking" Israel with "knives and with their bare hands."

Speaking to POLITICO, Sellers slammed Tlaib for voting against President Biden's infrastructure bill.

"Coming from South Carolina, I can tell you that I understand in our communities, that the return on that investment is so high. And we want someone, particularly in these Black communities, that does not get distracted by shiny things or media opportunities, but is focused on the uplift of our communities and does right by them," Sellers said.