Indicted NY Republican had trove of illegal guns and fake federal agent badges in his house: report
Brian Downey (Facebook/Department of Homeland Security Investigations).

On Wednesday, the Daily Voice reported that Brian Downey, the deputy mayor of Airmont, New York, has been arrested on weapons and forgery charges after police found a trove of unregistered guns and fake federal agent badges in his house.

"Investigators reported a startling discovery when they showed up with a search warrant last week at the home of Brian Downey, a 47-year-old Republican who was elected deputy mayor of the village of Airmont in 2019," reported Jerry DeMarco. "Downey was taken into custody after no fewer than 16 unregistered assault weapons and 13 illegal silencers were found, along with 'numerous federal badges and credentials' bearing his name, along with 'four FBI patches that could be sewn onto a uniform or chest,' a complaint on file in US Southern District Court of New York in Manhattan."

Downey, who first came under federal investigation after he was caught trying to buy an illegal suppressor, reportedly told authorities he did not remember the combination to the lockbox where several of these illegal items were discovered when they showed up at his house with a warrant.

He maintains he acts lawfully as a "peace officer" even though he is not authorized to have these weapons or badges. He has worked as a part-time court officer and is licensed as an armed guard in New York.

Downey was charged with 11 felonies last week in connection with this investigation.