'Very poorly drafted': CNN legal analyst burns down Trump's lawsuit against the New York Times

During a segment on CNN this Wednesday where the discussion focused on Donald Trump's lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump, The New York Times, and three of its reporters alleging an "insidious plot" to expose his confidential tax records, CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers gave her thoughts on the merits of the lawsuit.

According to Rodgers, the lawsuit is "poorly drafted" with "very little support."

"More that a year ago, President Trump tried to stop the publication of Mary Trump's book on this exact basis," she explained. "And it failed in court, so the New York Times defendants have absolutely no concerns here -- their First Amendment rights are going to prevail in this matter."

She also said of the complaint, "I don't know what it's based on and I question why it was filed at all."

Watch the video below: