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TIME contributor and essayist Andrew Sullivan will begin posting his blog, The Daily Dish, on starting in January 2006, RAW STORY has learned. The magazine made the announced in a release Monday morning.


The move comes as TIME has added more web-exclusive content to and a year after it became the first major magazine to publish its entire archive online.

“We look forward to offering our online readers more of Andrew's distinct and independent voice, much as we already do in the magazine,” Kelly said. “Andrew's blog is the first in what we hope will be a blog neighborhood on, offering a central meeting point for opinions from all points of view.”


"I've had a great relationship with TIME's editors and look forward to the new deal and the greater opportunities it presents,” Sullivan said. “I'll keep blogging exactly as I always have, but I hope to keep experimenting with the genre and what it's capable of. I think of this as an experimental collaboration between the 'mainstream media' and the blogosphere. In time, I think, the distinction itself will become less pronounced. And as one of the earlier independent bloggers, I don't see any problem with that. On the contrary. I think it's overdue."

Sullivan will continue writing his blog throughout the week, just as he does today, only it will be posted on He will maintain full control over the content of his blog. Sullivan has been a TIME contributor and essayist since 2002 and he has written his blog, The Daily Dish, at for five years.

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Originally published on Monday November 14, 2005


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