Audio: Rove denied outing CIA agent


RAW STORY has acquired an audio clip from CNN's coverage of the Republican National Convention last year during which Bush adviser Karl Rove adamantly denies having outed CIA operative Valerie Plame.

The audio clip is downloadable here.

The following is part of the transcript a CNN broadcast this weekend during which the clip was played.



JOHN KING, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: As up-to-date as we can get. There's a great murky cloud over the legal part of the investigation. And because he is the boogey man to the Democrats, any time you can mention Karl Rove's name, the Democrats get into an uptick.

But the most curious part of those e-mails is, and the lawyer confirms, Karl Rove did speak to Matt Cooper of TIME before Bob Novak's column outing Ms. Plame as a covert CIA agent. So that will be a subject of inquiry.

But Karl Rove insists that he did nothing illegal. Now knowingly disclosing the name of a covert agent is the law. And remember, it's not so unusual that you might get a phone call about this, because Joe Wilson, her husband, had been on "MEET THE PRESS" the weekend before.

We talked to Karl Rove about this several times, but back about a year ago at the Republican Convention, he said he did not leak the name.


KARL ROVE, WHITE HOUSE ADVISER: I didn't know her name and didn't leak her name. This is at the Justice Department. I'm confident that the U.S. Attorney, the prosecutor who's involved in looking at this is going to do a very thorough job of doing a very substantial and conclusive investigation.

Originally published on Thursday July 7, 2005.


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