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Bush 'porno posters' removed from Vienna's electronic billboards

Ron Brynaert

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Images of models wearing masks to look like Queen Elizabeth, President George W. Bush, and Jacques Chirac having sex were removed from electronic billboards in Vienna, RAW STORY has learned.

According to the Associated Press:

Austrian media reported that the offending images were yanked yesterday just a day after they started flashing at motorists on personal orders of Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel. A woman answering the telephone at the chancellor's public information department who refused to identify herself said she could not confirm the report.

Leading opposition party figures suggested Schuessel was at least indirectly responsible, saying the group had received about $2.2 million (U.S.) in government subsidies.

Schuessel spokeswoman Heidi Glueck was quoted by the Austria Press Agency as saying the chancellor had been "unaware" of the subject matter being displayed.

The posters came from an art project organized by an independent group in Austria called 25peaces; one of 25 "events in public space designed to open optional discussions on peace and freedom." The project, "euroPART," consisted of recent art created by 75 artists from all 25 member states that comprise the European Union and was scheduled to run on electronic billboards all across Vienna until the end of January.


According to Reuters, "25peaces received 1 million euros ($2.2 million) of funding from the Austrian government for the works."

The pictures which show two naked woman wearing masks of the Queen and Bush engaged in different sexual positions with a naked man in a Chirac mask can be seen at the Bare Knuckle Politics forum (Warning: The pictures are graphic and may be unsuitable for some RAW STORY viewers). The artist, Carlos Aires from Madrid told The Telegraph that the images represented "the most recent changes in Europe and the resulting spacial constructions."

The country is set to assume the presidency of the EU for six months starting on Sunday and the pictures were viewed as an embarrasment to many Austrians. Chancellor Schuessel vowed to the Austrian press that the images would be removed, saying, "The borders of good taste and reasonableness have been crossed by a long way."

Originally published on Thursday December 29, 2005


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