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Democrats move Downing Street speeches to Thursday


Several Democratic congressmembers, led by ranking House Judiciary member John Conyers (D-MI), have opted to move planned Downing Street memo-related speeches on the House floor Tuesday evening to Thursday, RAW STORY has learned.

The handful of members were forced to delay their plans after the Republican leadership scheduled several late-night votes, Conyers press secretary Dena Graziano told RAW STORY. They now plan speeches Thursday evening, though they could be thwarted again if votes are scheduled or Congress is adjourned.

Among those who have expressed interest in speaking are Democratic Reps. John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Jay Inslee, Julia Carson, Louise Slaughter, Major Owens and Barney Frank, aides say.


Conyers has also announced he and several other House Democrats will hold town halls across the country July 23, the third-anniversary of the 'Downing Street Memo,' minutes of a meeting between British and American officials at which the British intelligence director said intelligence was being 'fixed' around a policy of war.

Originally published on Wednesday June 29, 2005.


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