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Driver runs over, kills gas station owner for $52 in gas


FORT PAYNE, ALABAMA - A gas theft Friday left a Fort Payne service station owner dead and police looking for the driver who ran over the man to escape paying for $52 in gas, the (information-restricted) Hunstville-Times reports Sunday. Excerpts follow.


Police Chief David Walker said police received several calls about 3:20 p.m. describing how Husain Caddi, 54, owner of the Fort Payne Texaco, "grabbed onto the vehicle" when its driver began to drive off without paying for the $52.05 he pumped.

The driver dragged Caddi across the parking lot and onto Greenhill Boulevard (U.S. 11), where Caddi fell from the vehicle and was run over by the vehicle's rear wheel, Walker said.


Walker said police are looking for a gold, brown or tan, late model sport utility vehicle that resembles a Jeep Liberty or Ford Explorer. He said the driver was described by witnesses as a white male in his 20s or 30s, wearing a ball cap.

"Our department (is) investigating the incident as a robbery-homicide due to force being used in the theft of the gasoline that resulted in the death of the victim," Walker said.

Originally published on Sunday August 21, 2005.


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