Ed Schultz Show goes to Crawford

Larisa Alexandrovna

The Ed Schultz Show will be heading to Crawford Texas to broadcast its Wednesday and Thursday show a few miles from Camp Casey, Raw Story has learned.

According to Ed Schultz, the host of the Ed Schultz show and one of the biggest voices in progressive radio, the show is going to show support for Cindy Sheehan. "We are going for our listeners, there are a lot of people from across the country who want to be [in Crawford, Texas] but can't be there," said Schultz in a conversation with Raw Story earlier today.

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of fallen solider Casey Sheehan - killed in Iraq in April 2004 - has spent the last ten days holding vigil near the Crawford, Texas ranch of President Bush, who has taken a five week vacation.


The location where Cindy has set up vigil has been called Camp Casey and has been joined by military families and veterans from across the nation as well as local vigil areas, also called Camp Casey in cities from Boston, MA to Portland, Oregon.

Schultz stands in solidarity with Cindy and what he describes as the sentiment in middle America, if not the nation: 62 percent of [of Americans] believe we have the wrong policy in Iraq,” said Schultz. "Ordinary people connect with Cindy, ordinary people who cannot be there," continued Schultz. "We are going on their behalf".

The show will air during its regular schedule of 3 PM EST - 6 PM EST from Crawford. When asked if the show will be taking calls from the Crawford location, Schultz chuckled and said "You bet. Our listeners can call 1-877-We Got Ed"

Originally published on Tuesday August 16, 2005.


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