Fox News South Carolina affiliate quietly promotes white supremacist website; Site says Fox is a member

John Byrne

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A South Carolina Fox affiliate ran a story appearing to cheer a white supremacist website -- and the leader of the group says that Fox news staff are members of his white supremacy forum, RAW STORY can reveal.

The story was picked up by Jesus' General Dec. 18. Fox apparently aired a video news segment which was also pulled; RAW STORY has not seen the video. The station is owned by Meredith Corporation.

The story, which profiled white supremacist website, ran on Fox Carolina's WHNS website in late November. It is still available in Google's cache.


"It's a web site with everything from dating advice and homemaking threads, to discussion boards that focus on news that white activists want to know," the unattributed author wrote. " is a web site founded on the belief that the white race is a dying race."

Wrote WHNS, "one member says, 'we really are just white folks that deeply care about preserving a future for our progeny.'

Fox interviewed Bob Whitaker, who they described as "a former Reagan administration cabinet member and an active member of Stormfront." Whitaker was clearly at no time a member of the Reagan cabinet, but has claimed in interviews to have been "Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management," which RAW STORY is yet to verify.

Whitaker is an ardent supremacist. In an interview, he said immigration of non-whites into the United States was tantamount to genocide.

"The present policy is massive immigration of the Third World into White countries -- all White countries," he remarked in an interview with National Vanguard. "And only White countries. That's called genocide."

In a stormfront post, Whitaker says that Fox News has three screennames for the forum.

"One detail that I forgot (until just yesterday) was to unmoderate our new Stormfront Member, FOXSC, so that Fox could post more easily on Stormfront," he wrote. "We've also got Fox5News and Fox-News as Stormfront Members."

The article also quotes Jamie Kelso, a Stormfront senior moderator.

"I admire Charles Lindbergh as someone who throughout his life took pride in the white race and was very concerned about preserving it," the article quotes Kelso as saying.

What the article fails to reveal is that Kelso signs his post with a quote from the well-known supremacist aviator: "We can have peace and security only as long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood," and that he worked as an assistant to David Duke.

Jesus' General, the progressive blog that caught the story, remarked wryly of Fox, "I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Will it be a sweeps week series on the lust brown people have for white women? Or will you tackle the problem of Jewish control of the banking industry first?"

Fox was friendly with Kelso.

"Kelso says Stormfront simply provides a safe forum for people to use without fear of retaliation," the unnamed Fox author concluded. "'Really the political correctness today, you could even call it vicious. On the Internet you can anonymously talk to other people and open up and say what you want to say. This has really opened up a new chance for people to have free speech."

Think Progress has the video here. has more here.

If you have a Tivoed copy of the video, or any access to the segment, please email it to [email protected]

Originally published on Thursday December 22, 2005


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