Lawsuit against Fox News for sex bias laced with obscenity

John Byrne

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A suit filed by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission against Fox News reveals that the former employee who made allegations against the network said she was routinely party to obscene language and sexist conversation, RAW STORY has learned.

RAW STORY obtained a copy of the suit Tuesday afternoon. It is viewable by PDF here. The actual suit is far more racy than media reports have revealed.

The suit alleges that Fox News Vice President Joe Chillemi regularly made pejorative remarks about women. In part of the complaint, it is said that Chillemi regularly made "derogatory comments about pregnant women (such as regularly stating that a pregnant woman had "tits" that were "fucking huge" and like "cannons" or "melons" and the on-air talent's breasts needed to be "covered" or not shown when the pregnant woman was being filmed)."


Excerpts from the suit follow below.

Fox News was also named in a sexual harrassment suit filed against Bill O'Reilly in 2004. That suit, also remarkably explicit, settled out of court.

Originally published on Tuesday November 8, 2005


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