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Our New Year's resolution:
An end to popunders

John Byrne

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In a decision sure to please everyone, Raw Story has decided to eliminate popup and popunder advertising from all areas of the site.

The decision comes after reaching an agreement with BlogAds and Advertising Liberally to reenter to liberal blog advertising network, a critical conduit which provides us with relevant, useful advertising for our readers. Advertise Liberally also allows large advertisers looking to reach a progressive market to buy across multiple sites in an affordable and convenient way.

In the short run, we may come up shorter in our monthly revenues because popups were a key revenue source. But in the long run, we feel the decision is a good one for readers and other advertisers who feel their message may get caught in the clutter. If you'd like to advertise on progressive sites -- including Raw Story -- click here or email [email protected] for more options. We reach more than a million people each week.


The decision to kill popunders has been long in coming. But because it will cut into our immediate revenue streams, we'd love it if you could chip in a few bucks for our team to help ease the pain this month. Click below to donate, or drop a check to RAW STORY, PO Box 21050, Washington, D.C. 20009. Those of you who gave $50 or more in our last donation drive will still get ad-free accounts -- they'll be set up after our redesign redebuts later this month.

Thanks as always for supporting us through an exciting year in 2005, and we're sure 2006 will be even better. Following are what the editors selected as our best 'raw stories' of 2005.

Originally published on Monday January 2, 2006


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