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Poll: Fifty percent would vote in Democrat for Congress


A post-Katrina poll published in last Monday's newstand edition of Newsweek (PRNewswire link) contains heartening news for Democrats, RAW STORY has discovered. Just fourteen months before the Congressional elections, Democrats have opened up a 12 point lead over their GOP rivals.

The Republicans currently maintain a 232-to-202 advantage over the Republicans. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the only Independent Congressman, and he usually sides with the Democrats.

A few days ago The Washington Times reported that Independent election tracker Stuart Rothenberg, in his political newsletter, wrote that "[w]ith President George W. Bush's job ratings battered by the war in Iraq, high gas prices and public dissatisfaction with the state of the economy, 2006 looks to be a golden opportunity for House Democrats."


Democrats could win back control of the House that they lost in 1994 with a net gain of 15 seats.


Suppose the elections for U.S. Congress were being held today. Would you vote for the Republican Party's candidate or the Democratic Party's candidate for Congress in your district?

[IF OTHER/UNDECIDED, RESPONDENTS WERE ASKED] As of today, do you lean more toward... the Republican or the Democrat?


Rep/Lean Rep: 38

Dem/Lean Dem: 50

Undecided/Other: 12

Methadology: 1,009 national adults, 18 and over

Margin of error: plus or minus 4

Interviewing dates: September 8-9, 2005

Originally published on Saturday September 17, 2005.


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