Times conservative columnist Brooks slashes conservatives in Thursday column


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Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks is set to slash the conservative movement in his column Thursday, RAW STORY has learned. His column is titled 'Running Out of Steam.' Excerpts:


"For a movement that is supposed to be winning the battle of ideas, conservatives are in a mess....

"There are a number of consequences. A lot of the energy that used to go into ideas is now devoted to defending Republican politicians. Many former conservative activists have become Republican lobbyists. (When conservatism was a movement of ideas, it attracted oddballs; now that it's a movement with power, it attracts sleazeballs.)....


"Third, conservative media success means intellectual flabbiness. Conservatives used to live in a media world created by people who thought differently than they did... Now conservatives can be just as insular as liberals, retreating to their own media sources to be told how right they are.....

But, Brooks reserves his finest sword for the left: "And the final bit of good news for the right is the left. No matter how serious the conservative crisis is, liberals remain surpassingly effective at making themselves unelectable."


Times Select subscribers can read the rest of Brooks column at this link.

Originally published on Wednesday December 7, 2005


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