Video: Mother of fallen soldier asks questions of President Bush

John Byrne

The above ad, paid for by Gold Star Families for Peace, will air on Crawford cable channels near Bush's ranch. The total ad buy is currently $25,000. The group plans to air the ad throughout August and wherever Bush visits during his vacation.

Sheehan's son, Casey, was an Army mechanic who was killed just five days after arriving in Iraq.


"He was only 24 and he died in his best friend’s arms," Sheehan says in the ad, directed at President Bush. "Casey was so good and so honest why can’t you be honest with us?"

"You were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction-you were wrong about the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda—you lied to us and because of your lies my son died," she ads.

While not a big ad buy, the ad is likely to get picked up by network and cable television news programs. Like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which savaged Sen. John Kerry's (D-MA) presidential campaign, the reporting on the ad may draw more attention than the ad itself.

The ad comes a day after a press conference with Sheehan and 13 other military family members from across the country, including seven mothers whose sons were killed in Iraq, and shortly after a blogger conference call that generated buzz and got a mention in the Washington Post.

Originally published on Friday August 12, 2005.


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