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Backdoor offers inside look at governor's likely presidential bid

John Byrne

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A backdoor into Virginia Governor Mark Warner's soon-to-be-launched political action committee website reveals the popular Virginia Democrat is likely plotting a campaign for president in 2008 -- and is already comparing his site to that of other expected presidential contenders, RAW STORY can reveal.

RAW STORY obtained screenshots of various pages inside the site. We've spread them out over three pages (the next two pages are here and here). Members of the media can contact us at [email protected] for higher resolution captures and additional pages.

Warner's pre-launch site unwittingly became public because there was no password restriction on the development site. It provides an unprecedented look at how campaigns begin -- containing notes on other presidential contender's sites as well as comparisons to other big mainstream sites like Sports Illustrated, and numerous references to NASCAR. The publicly available site has been taken down; it was previously at


The site lauds the sites of nearly every other known presidential contender -- including Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Writing about Clinton's political action committee site, the developers remark, "like the right hand column, lot of appealing items/content/links there. Like that there’s so much information available and well-organized so not overwhelming. Love the action center – we won’t be there but would like to build to that."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), meanwhile, receives a gentle snub over color choices.

"Love the banner, so personal to him and unique," the developers write. "Like the appearance of the buttons running across top. Love the use of photography throughout his life – we need to figure out how to do this. Passionately hate the lilac borders. Like the McCain Report."

They also examine a surfing site and for elements to incorporate...


Originally published on Monday October 3, 2005.


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