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Published: March 7, 2006

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Editor's note: Due to the unexpected volume of reader questions, as well as schedule changes prompted by the St. Patrick's Day recess and overwhelming reader rejection of the Raw Story re-design, we have pushed back the Congresswoman's answers to Friday, March 24 at the latest. We expect to receive her answers later today; However, we don't want to promise anything earlier than Friday. Thank you to all 573 Raw Story readers who participated.

The second Representative featured in RAW STORY's continuing "Ask Congress" series, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi represents California's 8th district (San Francisco).


Pelosi came to Congress through a special election in 1987, was elected Minority Whip in 2001 and Minority Leader in 2002--becoming the first female ever to lead the party in a whopping 177 - 29 vote.


At the time, resigning Leader Dick Gephardt predicted: "I am confident that with her leadership, we're going to win back the House in 2004."

Gephardt's prediction didn't come true, but Pelosi is considered virtually invulnerable in her district, where just 13% of voters are registered Republicans.


Pelosi is considered a liberal by mainstream standards, but is often thought of as a moderate in her home district. She voted against authorizing use of force in Iraq, and has since introduced amendments calling for an articulated plan for success and timeline for withdrawal. She also, however, voted in favor of the PATRIOT Act when it was first passed.

Staunchly pro-choice, her voting record is rated 100% by NARAL and Pro Choice America, and scores a 0% rating by the National Right to Life Committee. Her votes score 90% approval by the American Civil Liberties Union and fully 100% with the American Library Association. On Civil Rights, liberal groups rate the Leader even higher, earning 100% scores from the NAACP, NOW, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and Human Rights Campaign. Pelosi's voting record also indicates a strong interest in the environment, with 100% ratings from all but one major environmental group (a 94% from League of Conservation Voters).

Conservatives rate Pelosi much lower. The Representative received a John Birch Society Conservative Index rating of just 13%. The Christian Coalition rates her even lower, at just 8%.

Still, many in her district have famously and publicy called on Pelosi to demand impeachment of President Bush. Pelosi has asked them to direct their energy toward the 2006 elections.

Submit your question.

Raw Story has already turned over the questions that we felt stood out, or best represented a large number of other questions submitted. We'd like to thank everyone who participated. Answers will run by Friday, March 24.

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