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Attorney General Gonzales defends Iraq war to 6th graders

Published: Saturday April 29, 2006

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced some tough questions from a couple of 12-year-olds the other day during a sixth grade class tour of the FBI command center, according to an article in Saturday's Washington Post.

Excerpts from the article written by Sari Horwitz:


A 12-year-old at the other end of the table had a question. "What do you think about the war?" he asked.

Gonzales put down his hamburger. "One thing you have to remember is that sometimes people have to die so we can all live in freedom. That's always been the case."

"I think they should end the war," Maurice said.

"You know what, I think everybody wants the war to end as soon as possible," Gonzales said. "I really do. Nobody wants young American soldiers to die, including the president."

"If the president made us go to war with Iraq, why doesn't he go over there and fight the war?" Christian May asked.

"Why doesn't he go do that?" Gonzales responded. "He's sort of the commander in chief. He's kind of leading the troops. That's what happens in wars. You have people making the plans and making the decisions . . . and then you have people who make sure those directives are carried out."

At that moment, a Justice Department public relations officer suggested that the onlooking reporter leave the two to "chat freely."