Blogger vows to out more gay Republicans

Published: Tuesday October 10, 2006

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One prominent gay blogger is responding to the Foley scandal by promising to out more closeted gay Republicans on Capitol Hill starting with staff members, RAW STORY has learned.

Mike Rogers of Blog Active says that he will then begin to target members of Congress, vowing to eventually hit the leadership of the Republican Party. Rogers claims that he will target only staffers whose bosses support anti-gay policies.

Last night, Rogers posted the names of two Republican staffers including one high in the office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) on his blog.

Rogers also wrote a letter to the House Ethics Committee, urging them to investigate the two men. "They have good personal reasons for perhaps being involved in this outrageous Foley scandal and cover-up," Rogers wrote. Rogers provides no cause for believing the two men may be involved in a cover-up, other than their positions and sexual preference.

Rogers has been writing about Foley's sexual orientation for over a year, targeting the then-Congressman as a closeted gay man who was "voting and working against the gay community's interests."

However, Foley has been found by gay activist organization Human Rights Campaign to have voted in support of the interest of gays and lesbians 83-88% of the time each year since 2001, receiving a rating of 100% in the year 2000.

Rogers said in a release today that he would "continue outing closeted Capitol Hill Republicans who work against the gay community, despite their own sexual orientation."

"Those who equate being gay with immorality will be surprised just how diverse the House Republican caucus is when it comes to sexual orientation," he added.

A video of Rogers' recent appearance on The O'Reilly Factor follows: