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Book: Monroe was murdered while on phone with DiMaggio's sister

Published: Wednesday October 18, 2006

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The niece of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio is set to claim that actress Marilyn Monroe was murdered – and managed to share a name before she died, RAW STORY has learned.

In Marilyn, Joe & Me, June DiMaggio, who says that she was a close friend to Monroe for 11 years, will claim that her mother, Lee, was on the telephone with Monroe when the actress was murdered.

The book was written by DiMaggio, now in her 70's, and TV and radio program host Mary Jane Popp.

Promotion for the book is also set to include a Special Report in Playboy magazine on the "Strange and Still Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe."

"She wanted to tell it all before she died," Lisa DePaulo will write in the Playboy report, "what she knows about Monroe’s last moments on earth, including the phone call she believes was interrupted by her killer or killers."