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Boxer's office says campaigning for Lamont 'possible'

Larry Womack
Published: Wednesday August 9, 2006

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Aides to United States Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) have called "completely unsubstantiated" reports earlier today indicating that the Senator offered to campaign for Joe Lieberman (D-CT) challenger Ned Lamont, but indicate that such support is possible, RAW STORY has learned.

"Senator Boxer offered her support for [Lamont] in the general election," an aide to the Senator told RAW STORY. "Beyond that, I can't say for certain."

Reports surfaced earlier this morning that Boxer had called Lamont to congratulate him, and--beyond what other well-wishers offered--said that she would visit Connecticut to campaign for the anti-war candidate.

The claims caused a stir, as Boxer and Lieberman have reportedly strong ties.

But Boxer's office claims that the Senator left a voicemail for the candidate, and indicate that campaign visits may not be in the cards.

"At this point," Natalie Ravitz, Communications Director for the California Senator insisted, "the campaign has not asked her to do that."

Ravitz added, "It's possible, but the Senator already has a very full fall schedule, so we will just have to wait and see."


[Clarification: Wording in the opening sentence has been altered to make more clear the Senator's comments on the report.]