Brazile: Democratic Party must acknowledge power of bloggers

Published: Tuesday September 5, 2006

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In a column in today's edition of Roll Call, Democratic Party insider and former Bill Clinton advisor Donna Brazile urged Democrats to acknowledge the power and influence of bloggers.

While expressing her irritation with harsh criticism of "dinosaur" Democrats from some segments of the blogosphere, Brazile credits younger Dems for "figuring out how to use the Internet" and for the net-roots effect on recent events, particularly the much-publicized primary defeat of Joe Lieberman at the hands of blog darling Ned Lamont.

Brazile argues that the Democratic establishment can no longer afford to ignore, vilify or marginalize the blogging community as she promotes a new approach to welcoming it into the "party of inclusion."

Excerpts from the registration-restricted article follow.


Like most Democratic insiders, I have a love-hate relationship with bloggers and the “net-roots” community. At times, I am irritated by many of their strident, arrogant, self-righteous comments and their disapproving attitudes about us old dinosaurs. But after they helped score an impressive primary victory this summer in the Connecticut Senate Democratic primary between incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman and unknown businessman Ned Lamont, they clearly have earned a seat at the table...


I never knew Lieberman was in any political trouble until I began picking up bits and pieces of information from sites such as DailyKos. Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, its founder, whom I consider to be both intelligent and extremely talented, began posting endlessly about this Ned Lamont character.

First, I thought Moulitsas was just trying to pick a fight with us “Beltway insiders” to make a point. But after watching him, together with other progressive bloggers, recruit volunteers, raise more than a quarter-million dollars and topple a long-standing pillar of the Democratic Party through net-roots activism, I believe they deserve a seat at the table.


There is an entire generation knocking at democracy’s door, and instead of sneaking fearful glances through the peephole, we should fling it wide open and welcome everyone inside. We, Democrats, are the party of inclusion, and it’s time that we prove it.