Bush assails Powell remark, says terrorists 'are coming again'

Published: Friday September 15, 2006

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In a highly combative exchange with reporters, United States President George W. Bush has told reporters today that terrorists will strike the United States again, RAW STORY has learned.

In arguing for legislation that would define US interpretation of the Geneva Conventions in a way that many would argue would allow certain forms of torture, Bush said, "I wish I could tell the American people, 'don't worry about it.' They're not coming again. But they are coming again."

"Time is running out," the President concluded.

Bush also struck out at comments by former Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding the moral standing of the United States' war on terror.

"It's unacceptable," a visibly angered Bush told the press, "to think there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists, who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective."

Bush also indicated that he will not be meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--even though the two will be in the same Manhattan building, at the same time, next week. "I'm not going to meet with him," Bush said flatly. "I have made it clear to the Iranian regime that we will sit down with the Iranians once they verifiably suspend their enrichment program. I meant what I said."

Bush's interaction with certain reporters also, at times, became unusually combative.

At one point, an angered Bush answered one reporter's request for a follow-up question with a sharp, "No, you can't."

One CNN commentator went so far as to call the President's behavior "belligerent" immediately after the conference.