CBS to advertise fall lineup on 35 million eggs

Published: Sunday July 16, 2006

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CBS plans to advertise its fall lineup of television shows on 35 million eggs in a new promotional gimmick, The New York Times will report on Monday, RAW STORY has found.

"In September, CBS plans to start using a new place to advertise its fall lineup: your breakfast," writes David S. Joachim.

"The network plans to announce Monday that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia, as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs -- 35 million of them," the Times article continues.

According to Now Playing Magazine, CBS released a press release at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday about the gimmick.

"Beginning this September, CBS will be the inaugural major corporation to advertise on over 35 million eggs marked by EggFusion, a company which specializes in delivering freshness and traceability coding to consumers by placing laser coded expiration dates on eggs sold by grocers," the press release reportedly said.

The press release also contained a sampling of CBS egg slogans including "Crack the Case on CBS" for smash hit CSI, "Scramble to Win on CBS" for reality show The Amazing Race, and "Find Your Chick on CBS" for the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

The Dallas Morning News also reported on CBS "egg-vertising" in an interview with CBS Marketing Group president George Schweitzer.

"It's not ink," Schweitzer told The Dallas Morning News. "They're laser-etched."

"So it's totally healthy," Schweitzer added. "I feel like I'm with the USDA."

Schweitzer said that the breakfast-geared campaign was both "intrusive and inclusive."

"It's right in your face," Schweitzer told the Dallas Morning News. "You can't avoid it."

Excerpts from Times article:


George Schweitzer, president of the CBS marketing group, said he was hoping to generate some laughter in American kitchens. “We’ve gone through every possible sad takeoff on shelling and scrambling and frying,” he said, adding, “It’s a great way to reach people in an unexpected form.”


EggFusion, which was founded in 2001, started production last year with one egg company, Radlo Foods, which has since produced 30 million Born Free brand farm-raised eggs with etching. In May, EggFusion landed its first large grocery chain, A.& P., which will use the imprints on 400,000 America’s Choice conventional eggs sold each day in A.& P., Waldbaum’s, Food Emporium and Super Fresh stores from Connecticut to Maryland. Mr. Parker, whose family runs a chicken farm in North Carolina, knew that the way to get egg producers to cooperate was to make it worth their while. His answer was advertising on eggs.

“It’s unlike any other ad medium in the world, because you are looking at the medium while you are using it,” he says.