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CNN, MSNBC August ratings on rise as Fox News Channel's prime time ratings plummet

Published: Wednesday August 30, 2006

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The ratings for CNN and MSNBC in the month of August have risen since last summer, while Fox News Channel's prime time ratings plummeted.

According to the Nielsen ratings, as compiled by TV Newser, Fox News Channel's total viewership dropped 7 percent from last August, and it's prime time audience is down 28 percent.

Meanwhile, CNN's ratings increased 35% in total and 21% in prime time as MSNBC moved up 26% and 6%.

A few weeks ago, after Turner Broadcasting System CEO Phil Kent told the Hollywood Reporter that CNN was "closing the gap" on its "primary competitor," a Fox News spokesman accused them of "employing fuzzy math."

"It almost harkens us back to the days of the AOL-Time Warner accounting scandal," the Fox spokesman told TV Newser.

Ratings for The O'Reilly Factor fell 15 percent, while MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann increased 55% and CNN's Paula Zahn Now rose 32 percent.

A PDF file containing "3pm to midnight hourlies for August 2006, compared to the same month in 2005" can be accessed at this link.