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CQ: Outgoing Specter will 'hold gavel tightly' until bitter end

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Published: Friday December 1, 2006

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Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) has no intention of taking it easy during the last days of GOP Congressional control, judging by his latest words.

According to Congressional Quarterly, Specter recently told a conference of lawyers, "I intend to hold on to that gavel tightly until 11:59 on Dec. 31." Specter "was only partly kidding," writes Seth Stern.

Specter, the outgoing Judiciary Committee chair, has scheduled a slew of hearings for the upcoming week, and "plans to haul in FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III for one last oversight hearing," according to the article.

Additional excerpts from the subscription-only article follow...


Specter ... [is] threatening to introduce legislation protecting the attorney-client privilege for companies unless the Justice Department releases its own proposed policy revision.

He concedes, however, that time has run out for marking up any more legislation or considering judicial nominations this year. As for legislation aimed at requiring judicial review of the administrationís warrantless surveillance program, itís unlikely to be addressed in either chamber.

"The House is not willing to do very much and the Senate is not either," Specter said.