Cheney: Democrats' Iraq strategy 'encourages' and 'validates' terrorists

David Edwards
Published: Thursday June 22, 2006

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In an interview with CNN today, Vice President Dick Cheney said Democratic plans to withdraw or redeploy from Iraq "validates the terrorist strategy."

"What the Democrats are suggesting basically you can call it withdrawal, you can call it redeployment, whatever you want to call it, basically it's -- in effect, validates the terrorist strategy," Cheney said.

"If we were to do that, it would be devastating from the standpoint of the global war on terror," the Vice President added. "It would affect what happens in Afghanistan. It would make it difficult for us to persuade the Iranians to give up their aspirations for nuclear weapons. It would threaten the stability of regimes like Musharraf in Pakistan and the Saudis in Saudi Arabia. It is -- absolutely the worst possible thing we could do at this point would be to validate and encourage the terrorists by doing exactly what they want us to do, which is to leave."

The full interview transcript can be found here.