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Clinton on Cheney: 'I don't take anything he says seriously anymore'

Published: Friday August 11, 2006

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Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has said she no longer "takes seriously" statements made by Vice President Dick Cheney, RAW STORY has learned.

At campaign stops in the New York City area yesterday, Clinton addressed the alleged terrorist plot disrupted by British authorities, noting that the impact of the plot could have hit New York even harder than those of September 11, 2001.

“We appreciate the swift action by the British," Clinton noted, "because the plot centered on airlines flying between Britain and the United States, which obviously means between Heathrow and JFK, between Heathrow and Newark."

The Senator has used the unraveling of the London terror plot as evidence of need for more threat-based anti-terror funding.

Clinton continued her comments on the subject by denouncing the "perverted philosophy" of Osama bin Laden--before tearing into the Vice President for recent comments about the Connecticut Democratic primaries.

"I don't take anything he says seriously anymore," Clinton said when asked about Cheney at a later campaign stop. "I think that he has been a very counterproductive--even destructive--force in our country, and I am very disheartened by the failure of leadership from the President and Vice President."

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday night, Cheney implied that US Senator Joe Lieberman's (D-CT) loss to anti-war challenger Ned Lamont was a victory for "al Qaeda types."