Congressman accused of sending 'sick' emails to 16 year old boy

Larry Womack
Published: Thursday September 28, 2006

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A Congressman has been accused of sending questionable emails to a sixteen-year old Capitol page, RAW STORY has learned.

Reports circulated on the Internet earlier this week, indicating that in private emails, Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) had requested photographs of the page, asked what he wanted for his birthday, and inquired about his age. The emails may be viewed below.

A subsequent investigation by RAW STORY discovered that the addresses on the emails were indeed those of Foley and a now-seventeen year old boy, who forwarded them to a fellow staffer. There is no overtly sexual communication in Foley's emails, and the age of consent in Washington, DC is sixteen.

Foley's office has told ABC News that it is their policy to keep pictures of former interns so that they could be remembered by anyone looking to recommend one. However, ABC also reports that the page did not work in Foley's office.

RAW STORY spoke with several sources, who confirmed that they felt Foley was unusually friendly with young Hill pages, but failed to uncover anything of a more serious nature.

However, since RAW STORY's original investigation, instant messages of a far more explicit nature, sent from Florida to users who identified themselves as under the age of consent in that state, have surfaced. Those messages are likely considered a third degree felony under Florida law.

Our investigation also uncovered a MySpace profile attached to the congressman's personal address, containing very little information.

Foley has long marketed himself as a protector of children from sexual predation. In 2003, he became an outspoken critic of a summer nudist camp for children. An amendment by Foley to change federal sex offender laws became part of the Adam Walsh Child Safety and Protection Act of 2006.



[Editor's note: This story has been updated to include recent developments in the Foley affair.]