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Video: Congressman 'tolerated' forced abortions, sex slavery

Published: Friday September 29, 2006

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Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) knew of and tolerated forced abortions, sex slavery and sweatshop conditions in the Northern Marianas Islands, says his challenger.

Retired Lt. Col. Charlie Brown, Democratic candidate for California's 4th District, asserts Doolittle was aware of the abuses while he helped, with the aid of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, to fund the islands' government that allegedly exploited its workers.

In a debate on KCRA 3 TV News in Sacramento, Brown faced off against former Rep. Doug Ose, acting as a spokesman on behalf of incumbent Congressman Doolittle. Brown at one point says that Doolittle "got $20,000 from Abramoff's firm, the largest ever paid by Abramoff to a congressman."

Ose twice belittled the original accusations, saying, "[T]o suggest that John Doolittle advocated for sexual slavery and forced abortions is just poppycock."

Further KCRA coverage on the accusations can be found here.