Congresswoman, Bono widow claims Reps can't afford college

Published: Thursday May 4, 2006

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Mary Bono (R-CA), California Congresswoman and widow of entertainer Sonny Bono, has claimed before a House committee that a congressional salary won't pay for college, according to today's issue of Roll Call.

Excerpts of the Roll Call column follow:


Maybe Rep. Mary Bono (D[sic]-Calif.) voted for that pay raise last year because her annual salary of $265,200 just won’t be enough to pay for her 18-year-old son Chesare, better known as Chez, to attend college this fall.

In a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on consumer protection Wednesday afternoon, Bono said, “I could not afford college for my son if Sonny’s royalties were not paying for it.” That would be the royalties from her late husband, the singer and former Congressman.

College isn’t her only expense. Bono mentioned that she recently bought new cars for herself and Chez, both of which needed satellite radio and Bluetooth capabilities.


According to Bono spokeswoman Kimberly Collins, Chez plans to attend the University of Southern California this fall, though his admission is conditional on completion of a summer school course. USC would cost $46,966 a year in tuition, housing and other costs, according to the school’s Web site.


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