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Conservative Dem to fight Hillary for Senate seat

Ron Brynaert
Published: Friday March 31, 2006

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A conservative Democrat has decided to take on Hillary Clinton in the New York primary for her Senate seat, RAW STORY has found.

Mark Greenstein, a 42-year-old businessman is aiming to "take a stand against 'sellout' liberals" by facing off against the freshman Senator and former first lady.

"Greenstein acknowledged he had virtually no chance of defeating Clinton, who is popular in the state and has more than $27 million in the bank," the Associated Press reports.

The "former lawyer who now runs a chain of test-preparation centers" also issued a challenge to Senator Clinton to sign a pledge that, if elected, she will serve her full term in office, and not run - as many pundits speculate - for President in 2008.

At this moment, the Endorsements page at the Greenstein for Senate Web site doesn't list any endorsees at all. A WHOIS search at NetworkSolutions indicates that the site's domain name was purchased last November.

Greenstein's campaign site includes a comparison between the Democrats which labels Senator Clinton as a "leftist Democrat."

Hillary Clinton "[p]refers wasteful regulation that hurts private enterprise," and "[h]olds stay-at-home-moms with disdain, giving scorn to a choice that most women find more fulfilling than corporate work," according to the Web site.

Although Greenstein calls himself "pro-choice," the Website's characterization of Senator Clinton's views on abortion are rather contentious.

Senator Clinton "[h]as a slippery slope mentality that means even the most sensible legislation is automatically 'a return to back-alley abortions using coat-hangers,'" and "[i]s afraid to teach teens that abortion is killing, that is snuffing out a baby who could be adopted by loving parents."

Excerpts from the press release issued by the Greenstein for U.S. Senate campaign:


Hillary Clinton Get's a Conservative Opponent.

Mark Greenstein a Conservative Democrat announced today against Hillary Clinton for New York's US Senate seat. Mr. Greenstein will challenge Hillary Clinton in the NY US Senate Primary. Mr. Greenstein announced his U.S. Senate campaign against Hillary Clinton today Friday, March 31st, 12:00 noon at the Warwick Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

As a part of his announcement Mr. Greenstein issued an open challenge to Ms. Clinton to sign a pledge that if elected Ms. Clinton will serve her entire six-year term. Mr. Greenstein has already signed an identical pledge. Part of Mr. Greenstein's remarks included the following, "As your Senator I will put your needs and concerns before my own personal political aspirations. Ms. Clinton has sold out the interests of New Yorkers for her own political career.

It is time for Ms. Clinton to stop her double talk of political rhetoric and tell the New York people her true intentions. I believe that the State of New York has suffered from a lack of representation. Senator Clinton has been so busy running for President that she has neglected the people and ideals of her constituents. If Ms. Clinton contests this statement then I challenge her to prove that she puts the interests of New Yorkers over her own by signing this Pledge to serve out the full six-year term as US Senator from New York should she win the election."