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Conservative bloggers begin fundraising effort for GOP candidates

Published: Wednesday August 2, 2006

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In a move to counter successful liberal fundraising sites like ActBlue, a coalition of conservative activists with blogs have formed Rightroots, a site aimed at endorsing and raising money for GOP candidates challenging incumbent Democrats or running for open seats, National Journal's Technology Today has reported.

"Democrats have used [liberal blogs] to pool almost $400,000 for candidates this year," reports Technology Today. The Rightroots site, has so far raised over $9,000. The largest recipient of the group's donations is Diana Irey, who is challenging Congressman John Murtha in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional district.

Excerpts from the registration-restricted article follow:


The authors of seven Republican Web logs combined forces to form Rightroots, an answer to the Internet-based fundraising arm Democrats have used to pool almost $400,000 for candidates this year. The Rightroots site is being sponsored by the ABC political action committee.

In a post on the Right Wing News blog on Tuesday, John Hawkins said the site will help GOP donors identify what races could use their money most. Rightroots has endorsed 18 candidates, all of which are either challenging Democratic incumbents or gunning for open seats.

Hawkins said the group avoided endorsing candidates facing primary challenges to avoid disagreements within the party, a stark contrast from the Democrats' ActBlue, which many donors have used to support Ned Lamont, the challenger to Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., in a primary a week from Tuesday.

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In a telephone interview, Hawkins said the group also has avoided supporting incumbents because they should not need the help. He said high-profile incumbents such as Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum and Missouri's Jim Talent have plenty of cash in their war chests.