Conservative weekly: Chertoff has 'only a few days left'

Published: March 3, 2006

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According to an article at a top Conservative weekly, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has "only a few days left," RAW STORY has found.

On Thursday, former FEMA director Michael D. Brown said that Chertoff deserved to be fired for his performance during Hurricane Katrina, and another official who oversaw the federal response, Matthew Broderick, director of operations for DHS, resigned.

Excerpts from the article written by John Gizzi, Political Editor for Human Events Online:



In the aftermath of the public revelation of the presidential "teleconference" and mounting criticism of the performance of Michael Chertoff, Administration sources told HUMAN EVENTS today that the secretary of Homeland Security has "only a few days left" in the Bush Cabinet.

As one source acquainted with the former federal prosecutor and U.S. appellate judge said under promise of anonymity, "They will give [Chertoff] a little time so it won't hurt his reputation too much, but he's probably got only a few days left."


Now, at least one source close to him says the end of his tenure as the nation’s second secretary of Homeland Security is near.


The rest of the article is at this link.

Later in the evening, Gizzi added an update to his post which noted that an unnamed senior administration official refuted his "source’s comments that Chertoff’s days are numbered," with the following statement:

"The President offered strong words of support for Secretary Chertoff on Tuesday in an interview with Elizabeth Vargas. Secretary Chertoff is serving in one of the most difficult positions in government and he is doing an excellent job."

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