Dean tells Stewart: We won't be impeaching Bush

Published: Friday November 10, 2006

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Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's Daily Show that, despite what his audience may be wishing for, Democrats had no plans to impeach President Bush.

"I know half the audience wants us to impeach the president, and all that kind of stuff," Dean said, "but we're not going to do that."

Stewart joked that half of the audience were illegal immigrants, so don't listen to them.

Dean was asked to make some kind of noise to show his happiness, and Stewart promised not to replay it, as the media did with his notorious speech after losing the New Hampshire primary in 2004.

Dean complied with a hearty "booyah."

Dean mentioned raising the minimum wage, and health insurance as a couple of Democratic goals, now that the party is in control of both houses in Congress.